Apprentice Application

If you are interested in joining the AOIBA as an apprentice, please fill in the application form below. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW CAREFULLY: It is essential that you give two references who can vouch for your bubble experience, who MUST be existing members of AOIBA. One of your two sponsors must agree to also become your mentor during your apprenticeship. Please ask your two sponsors permission before putting their names down. Check out our current members directory.

 Please also provide as much information and evidence of your bubble interest and experience. You also need to read through and accept our Code of Conduct.  The current application fee is only £10 (approx. $12 or €12). Your application will be assessed and if you are successful, your membership will be processed. If unsuccessful, we will refund your fee. Your application fee will also cover your membership up to April, when you will be charged £10 again, and then annually thereafter.

Please note that without filling the form with full supporting evidence of your work, agreeing to our code of conduct, providing the names of your sponsors and paying in full, your application will not be successful.

Note, all memberships are individual. If you are a Duo-act or a group, each individual will have to fill the application form.

Personal Details
Size Restrictions: Please make sure the image size is equal to or larger than 150 by 150 pixels.
I have read and agree to abide by AOIBA Code of Conduct as described below
£ 10