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Dear members, Just to let you know we managed to restore our paypal account, so hopefully you should be able to make payment through the link below, if you could do it by the end of April, we will greatly appreciate it. Also to inform you that Steff has decided to resign her position as Treasurer of AOIBA and we are currently seeking to fill her position. On behalf of the committee I would like to thank Steff for all her hard work and dedication helping to establish the association since its formation. Have a bubbly weekend all!


Dear AOIBA Members,
In a conversation among this organization’s Committee members it was suggested that we might want to consider sending out a regular or semi-regular newsletter of some sort. While the Committee is interested and has ideas on the subject, we soon realized that the few of us are feeling like we are probably not the ones to do the time consuming job of heading up such a project. Then it was decided to raise the subject here among the larger membership. … if you have thoughts on this subject let’s talk.

Tom Noddy
president AOIBA


Dear AOIBA members,

Your annual AOIBA membership fees are now due. Kindly use the following Paypal link to make payment, this payment will then be taken yearly, until you cancel the subscription on your PayPal account. The amount currently remains on £10 a year.

PLEASE make sure to put your FULL name so we know who paid.

Kindly make payment as soon as you can by the end of the month. If you have any issues please contact us.

Many thanks,

Eran & Steff

Dear AOIBA members,

We want to give you an update from the AOIBA committee.


  • Annual General Meeting
  • Membership Fee
  • Bubble-Fest
  • AOIBA Website
  • Bubble Beach Vacation

In light of the current world situation we sadly decided again to postpone our plans for an International Bubble Fest Event, and will be looking into holding one in 2022/2023, where hopefully we can all meet again!

Our Annual General meeting will be held on Zoom on 2nd September 2021 5pm (UK time), so keep the date available, and we look forward to seeing you then. More details will follow.

We are now coming to this time of year, where your membership annual fees are due. We will send you all an email in the next week or two with instructions on how to make payment. Fee remains at £10 only for the year. If you have any issues with payment, please contact me or Steff.

Meanwhile Social zoom meetings for members are held on the 1st Thursday of each month, hosted by Umar, 6pm (UK time):, Meeting ID 334 407 3683, Security Passcode BUBBLE

We are currently working on two new features on the AOIBA website. One is a world map, showing where all AOIBA members are located with links to your profiles on the AOIBA website. The other is an extensive an attractive gallery with photographs from previous Bubble gatherings and other events. We will update you when those become live.

Bubble Beach Vacation (BBV) 2022 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, is still going ahead, and we hope to see many of you there, please join the dedicated FB group for more details:

Meanwhile we hope you are keeping well, and staying bubbly, while the world hopefully gradually returns to some sort of normality.

Best wishes,

Eran, AOIBA Secretary
On behalf of the AOIBA Committee

AOIBA Zoom meetings will continue in 2021 on a monthly basis. These will be held on the first Thursday of each month 6pm (UK time) and will be informal/social gatherings , but also if anyone wants to propose or lead a theme/lecture/masterclass please do let us know. As usual these are for members only. Umar Shoaib kindly agreed to host the sessions, and we thank him for his support! Below are the new details for the Zoom meetings for 2021.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID 334 407 3683

Security Passcode BUBBLE

Dear All,
It was wonderful to see so many of you at our first Annual meeting last night. Thank you so much for coming along to give us your support.
We began with a welcome from our President Tom Noddy.
The current committee Steff as Treasurer, Eran as Secretary and myself as Chair along with Aramis and Sterling were re elected and Paola, Caroline Cornelius-Jones and Helen were also elected into the committee.
We formally adopted the constitution after making three amendments . Paola’s amendment to include a statement on inclusion, mine to allow for apprenticeships and Terries to remove mention of Facebook as a means of communication we’re all passed.
We talked about our exciting plans for an AOIBA event in London in September 2021 and how we could achieve some form of accreditation particularly in bubble therapy. Exciting times ahead!
Wishing you all, I hope we can all make bubbles together soon.

We’d like to remind you of our Annual Meeting on Sunday 5th July 2020 at 6pm BST (UK time),
please calculate your local time.
Zoom Meeting ID: 897 2645 6394
Password: AOIBA

We had two applications from members who would like to join the committee:
Caroline Cornelius-Jones
Paola Dyboski-Bryant

in addition all current committee members will be standing again for their roles:
Chair – Sarah Campbell
Membership Secretary – Eran KB
Treasurer  – Steff Evans
Committee Member – Sterling Johnson
Committee Member – Aramis Gehberger

All these will be voted upon at the AGM. Tom Noddy is continuing his role as President.

There were also a couple of amendment proposals to the constitution. The constitution and the proposed additions below will all be up for approval at the AGM:

The constitution can be found here:

Constitution proposal, from Paola Dyboski-Bryant: ‘It is the hope and intent of this organization to take a proactive approach to diversity and inclusion amongst our members, and to resist and prevent discrimination regarding gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity, physical ability or citizenship. We will endeavour to have an organization that reflects the diversity of our planet. Aliens and misfits welcome.’

Constitution proposal, from Sarah Campbell: ‘Apprentice Membership of the Association shall be open to any person interested in, and showing knowledge of, Bubble Artistry or Bubbleology Apprentice Membership is subject to being vouched for and mentored by an existing member and can continue until the Apprentice is deemed to have reached a sufficiently high standard to merit full Membership. Each member may serve as a mentor for one apprentice at any one time.
Apprentice Members shall pay a subscription as decided by the committee, be entitled to participate in some activities of the Association. They may not describe themselves as members of the Association but as Apprentices of the Association. They shall not enjoy any voting rights whatsoever or be eligible for election to the Committee or office.’

AGM Agenda:

Chairperson’s welcome
President’s greeting
Treasurer’s report and accounts
Secretary’s report
Adoption of Constitution
Election/ re election
Date of next meeting

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM,
The AOIBA Committee

We hope you are all coping well during these challenging and uncertain times. AOIBA would like to invite you to fortnightly Zoom chats for members only as follows: (ALL Meetings are 6pm-8pm UK time):

Saturday, 25th April 2020 – Social Gathering

Saturday 9th May 2020 – Theme: Virtual parties, Instructional videos & performing in the new age of Covid-19

Saturday 23rd May – Master Class Webinar, Hand Bubbling with Sterling Johnson

Saturday 6th June – Theme: Share your Inventions

Sunday 14th June – A virtual Bubble Show with Blaise Ryndes from Spheres Bubble Show. Followed By Q&A

Saturday 20th June – An evening with Tom Noddy, sharing stories and Q&A

Sunday 5th July – AOIBA AGM (Annual General Meeting) – Association meeting

23rd July 2020 Equipment. Sharing examples of equipment we have made, sharing tips and experience. Including special guest: Gordy Tobutt

6 August 2020 Digital, online events such as Zoom parties and workshops and filming online content. Sharing expertise and showing short examples of what people have done. Including special guest

20 August 2020 Puppets, Story telling and scripting .

3 September 2020 Therapy and discuss gathering of ideas about how we can create some form of accreditation.…

Meeting ID: 897 2645 6394

Password: AOIBA


AOIBA has now been open for applications from the entire global bubble community since February 2020, and we have a steady stream of applications that we are processing. Currently membership has crossed the 80-members thresh line with members from around the globe.

We wanted to let you know of some benefits that we have been adding to our website for AOIBA members.

Besides our new Gallery section which will continue to expand we also have in our ‘Members Only’ section of the website a few new features. Firstly, a discount page offering members a number of discounts from some of the world’s top Bubble equipment designers and makers. They were all keen and generous to support the association by providing discounts to our members, please do not share these with non-members.  There is also a page with downloadable document  for your adaptation and use, such as contracts, T&Cs templates etc.. a special thanks to Damian Jay for creating and sharing most of those.  You can also download the AOIBA logo from that page and use it on your own website or social media, to mention you are a member of the association.  
There is also a News page where we will update you on association matters, some recommended links and our constitution. If you haven’t joined our members Facebook page yet, please go to:

You will note the members directory is now a public page so its open to the public anyone can access it. If you wish not to appear on the directory, please get in touch to opt out.
We would like to remind you to please only sponsor applicants you are happy to advocate both for their Bubble skills and experience and their ethical and professional attitude.

We will have more news for you later on.

Meanwhile Bubble On!

AOIBA Committee