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Carol Collins
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Newventur Entertainment LLC
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Former 6th grade teach and now Family entertainer since 1975, Started incorporating bubbles in my shows over 20 years ago, using Stein's "Unbelievable Bubble" book. My webiste has only a small section on bubbles but I have sent Aramis many photos and a couple videos of my bubble programs. I do NOT do a stage SHOW rather a program. Indoors I place people inside bubbles and show them how to blow bubbles inside bubbles. I have absorbable non slipping mats that I use inside and am careful not to have a spills on clients floors. Outdoors, I have a variety of wands and garlands for use in different wind conditions. Attendng DAZE 5 really inspired me to learn more . I have purchased a fogger and hope to start using it soon. At picnics and feativals and corporate events, I usually get between $150 and 175 an hour.