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Sandy Snakenberg
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San Diego
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Bubble World LTD
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Sandy Snakenberg. Bubble Bio and Resume. Has made a living as a Chef, Athlete, Functional Conditioning Coach, Olympic Weightlifting coach, referee. Coached speed, dance, general skating and world record holder for the longest distance skated in a 24 hour period. He has also worked extensively with special needs individuals in the area of skating and conditioning. Now evolved as Bubbleologist, Artist, Entrepreneur, and Entertainer. Over eight years ago he discovered the magic of bubbles. Over time he developed his technique and now has been performing professionally for over 4 years. He has done a multitude of both paid outdoor and indoor performances as well as busking street performances in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines now back in USA. Over the years he has experimented with and perfected his own bubble solutions and equipment. His dedication to the art, science and magic of bubbles has earned him the title of "Bubbleologist" by my teachers, mentors and peers. Sandy Snakenberg. AKA, “Snake”, The Bubble Pirate. Back from South East Asia of The “Bubble World” Tour... mostly by bicycle with trailer. Performing, covering over 6,000 km of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Took a break in an old home. SanDiego. Performing for events, birthdays to funerals and everything in between. Road shows. Events. Indoor or outdoor and Street.
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