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Richard Faverty
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Las Vegas
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Beckett Studios
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Bubble Equipment Design & Sales
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I also do photos of people with bubbles.
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I began making bubbles in 1980. I was inspired by meeting Eiffel Plasterer. I wrote a book about bubbles in 1986 which sold about 100,000 copies. I have invented 12 bubble toys. One of them, The Swiss Bubble Blower sold 32 million over the lifespan of the patent. I began performing seriously in 1985 and took a stage name of Professor Bubbles. I performed in over 60 countries between 1986 and 2010. For a while I held the Guinness world record for the most people put inside a bubble. I was on David Letterman, Sabado Gigante, The Mickey Mouse Club, 3 - 2 - 1 Contact and many, many other shows around the world. I appear to have been the first person to enclose another person inside a soap bubble. In the early performing years, the big tv shows that I did had never seen any bubble performer much less one who enclosed other people inside giant bubbles. After 9/11 it became a tedious task to travel with all the props I had. I had moved to Las Vegas where the air is too dry to make decent bubbles outside. I was for a year in a big Vegas show called Splash doing my bubbles. I stopped doing regular bubble show around 2012 because I was getting too old to move my props around. I'm now 77. I still photograph bubbles and enjoy helping young performers get started with bubble performing.
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