Bubble Daze 5

In 2018 a whole host of international bubble artistes, performers, scientists, prop makers and creatives gathered at the Dr Zigs HQ in North Wales for the BIGGEST gathering of bubblers the world has ever seen.
This event was 5 days of bubble wonder that included many public shows from international bubble masters such as
Tom Noddy, Pep Bou, Aramis Gehberger, Boaz Nir Shallom, Cj The Bubble Girl, Louis Pearl and many others. 
A full day of breaking many Guinness World Records by The Highland Joker, Sam Sam the Bubble Man, Steve Langley and more. See the Guinness Book of Records 2019 for some amazing photos of the bubbly records set and broken.
And of course many wonderful friendships were made during this one of a kind gathering.

Below are just some of the shows and shenanigans over 100 bubblers (and the general public) got up to during 5 fun filled days that was Bubble Daze 5