International Bubble Blowing Day – May 6th

What is International Bubble Blowing Day?

Simply put, it’s a fun and light-hearted day dedicated to the simple joy of blowing and enjoying bubbles. People of all ages are encouraged to come together to participate in this celebration by blowing bubbles, organizing bubble-blowing events, or simply appreciating the whimsical nature of bubbles. It’s a day to spread happiness, relieve stress, and bring out the inner child in everyone.

Time to Celebrate Bubbles

To celebrate this years International Bubble Blowing Day, members of AOIBA have been asked to submit an image of themselves making bubbles at a local, to them, landmark. The montage of these images will be set to music and the final video will be posted below and on our Members social media pages with a worldwide release on May 6th

The image above shows members of the AOIBA and just some of the 400+ people visiting Caernarfon Castle – North Wales – all blowing bubbles together in 2018
Image curtesy of Mark Hesketh Jennings

AOIBA Worldwide release and premiere of the Celebration video