Welcome from AOIBA President

Sterling Johnson
President of AOIBA


My predecessor, the amazing Tom Noddy, welcomed people to this site with the following words:

Welcome to the website of the Association of International Bubble Artistes, a newly formed organization that hopes to carry forward the warmth and fellowship found among performers online and at the remarkably successful international gatherings of bubble performers in Bangor, Wales; San Francisco, Boston, Copenhagen and Newcastle.

For some months a number of bubble enthusiasts have worked to give us our start by forming and naming an organization and have begun the discussion regarding what use such an organization might be to current and future practitioners of our art. But the nature of a useful conversation is that, like bubbles themselves, it has the ability to take on fluid forms and, so, to show us something new and unexpected.

Our website, too, will change as we go but if you have an interest in the history and evolution of bubble entertainment, you might want to copy some of what you see here now … like photographs of soap bubbles or the warmth of those hugs we shared at our gatherings, it may not capture the real moment, it but maybe as close as we can get.

My friend, the soap bubble performer Eiffel Plasterer, was fond of quoting the British romantic poet John Keats who said in an 1818 poem “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

I don’t think I can improve on that. Thank you, Tom, and thank you, visitor for giving us a look.