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May 6th – International Bubble Blowing Day – What to Do
Click on the above link to download a word document that you can then translate into your own language.

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Ideas under consideration

  • An overhaul of the AOIBA’s website 
  • Placing ALL available members Zoom recordings into a central Archive
  • Looking at replacing / overhauling the systems used for running the Admin and backend of AOIBA


Financial Records

2024 Accounts (Available after 2024 AGM)
2023 – Accounts
2022 – Accounts
2021 – Accounts
2020 – Accounts

2021 and previous dates have no financial records.

Useful Documants

The following documents have very kindly been donated to the Association by its members. These are free for all members to use as guides and or templates for your own use.
It is important to note that these documents have NOT been created by solicitors, lawyers or any other legal professionals, and are written predominantly for the UK systems of guidance and law. Please do check with your own countries / state or governing body  legal frameworks  before using them.

Please DO NOT share these with anyone outside of AOIBA.

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